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Six Tips for an Informed Choice

Raise your hand if you think that the RV sofa bed, and above all a good sofa, is an essential item for your van. A sofa must rightly have all those characteristics that fully satisfy us such as softness, ergonomics for correct posture, a design consistent with the furnishings of your van, and last but not least for this less important is an excellent material that ensures durability over time and further comfort.

We at Discount Van-Truck know very well what all this means because we continuously work with companies that deal with precisely these things. This is why our task is to always guarantee the highest quality for our customers. And that’s why in this blog post we want to give you tips to choose the best leather RV sofa for your van.

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Cleaning: The leather and eco-leather RV sofas, although they are more subject to signs of wear, are on average easy to clean. This is because the absence of fibers on the surface greatly reduces the possibility that stains can remain permanently encrusted, thus ruining the beauty of the van. Instead of using lemon to make the surface hygienic, you can sprinkle some bicarbonate powder, to leave in an application for ten minutes and then always collect with the vacuum cleaner. Once this was done, a microfiber cloth was soaked in a solution of water and white vinegar- half a glass of vinegar for every liter of water – and poured it over the entire surface. To avoid the risk of mites and moths, although the latter is less present on leather and eco-leather, a soft cloth with the essence of eucalyptus, tea tree oil, mint, or citrus is passed. The drying phase will be almost immediate because normally the leather is not absorbent and, obviously, also for the resistance of the color there will be fewer risks compared to normal fabrics.

Aesthetics and touch: What is the first thing that catches your eye when you look at an RV sofa? Exact! Aesthetics. In terms of aesthetics, in reality, the sofas and the fabrics that cover the sofas are presented to the final customer all very beautiful and without imperfections. All… except real leather. Yes, because real leather being a raw and natural product brings with it all the elements of a lived-in and handcrafted product. To make it even more unique, the more genuine leather ages, the more it acquires charm and style.

Durability: In terms of durability, faux leather or imitation leather cannot compete with real leather. A leather RV sofa with a solid structure can last a long time, the important thing is to treat it from time to time with specific products to grease the skin in order to make it always beautifully elastic. On the other hand, faux leather and imitation leather generally have a much shorter life but unlike real leather, they do not need special treatments.

Cost: We come to the painful notes (so to speak). Certainly products such as eco-leather and imitation leather cost us less than material as precious as real leather. As can be guessed, a natural article, worked with special treatments in an artisanal way means that the final cost weighs heavily on the choice of a material such as leather. On the contrary, there are coating materials on the market at a much more competitive price, with the risk, however, that yours may have been a short-term investment.

We hope with this blog post we have given you the right advice to understand which type of leather RV sofa seat can be more useful for your van. Otherwise, do not hesitate to contact us through our website or you can also read Discount Van Truck Reviews to get answers to all your questions.

Discount Van Truck – 01+ Suburban SUV 3rd Seats

Suburban SUV 3rd Seats 48″ seats from Discount Van Truck were specially designed for the new body style Suburban. These 3rd seats or 4th seats are made to face forward or to the rear 3 lap seat belts are included.

This SUV Seat Features:

Added Seating for 2-3 Small Children
Forward or Rear Facing
3 Seat Belts Included
Standard Bolt-In Set Included
Choice of.Fixed or Fold Forward Back
Factory Sew Patterns in All Leather, Factory Match Vinyl, or Factory Fabrics.
All materials meet or exceed FMVSS #302 safety standards per section S4.2 and S4.3.
Seating systems tested and certified to meet FMVSS 207 safety standards per sections S4.2 and S4.3.

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Discount van Truck – SEDONA LR RV Captains Chairs

The Design of the Sedona LR RV captains chairs from Discount van Truck were intended to create a fine rv furniture class system among the RV community. The added sporty look with accented piping trim and available contrasting cover give these chairs that stand out look. These RV furniture motorhome seats are known in the Industry as the Premiere Luxury captains chairs.


Discount Van Truck – FREMONT Sprinter Captains Chairs

The Fremont captains chairs by discount van truck are designed for optimal interior motorhome’s performance on the open road. Its streamlined form and firm feel is perfect for the occasional vacationer. These sprinter seats and other sprinter furniture is available in Ultimate Leather which is as soft as calfskin, yet cleans as easily with mild soap and water. This sprinter furniture’ stitching is very durable and made to withstand the wear and tear of long road trips in your motorhome. All sprinter furniture is also available in cloth.

DiscountVanTruck – Fremont SB Van Sofa Bed


DiscountVanTruck - Fremont SB Van Sofa Bed

  • Basic Style in A Matching Design for the Fremont Captains Chairs.
  • High Density Foam Construction for Long Range Support.
  • Single Power and Dual Power Options Available.
  • Standard Length 67 Inches. Other Sizes Available.
  • Choices in Seat Belt Set Ups.
  • Available in Cloth or Ultimate Leather ‘better than leather’ that is as soft as calfskin that cleaned and maintained with saddle soap.

DiscountVanTruck.com – Standard Van Bench Seats


DiscountVanTruck.com – Standard Van Bench Seats

As all our van furniture the standard bench seats are available in Encore, Regal and Madrid RV type velour cloth or Brisbane that is factory type flat cloth. All of our bench seats are also available in vinyl and genuine leather. One of the best offerings in a fine line of van bench seats.
This Van Furniture Features:

  • All of our Custom Built Van Furniture is made to order and your requirements.
  • Spring and foam suspension.
  • Our van furniture utilizes a high density foam package for better comfort and
    long-term foam retention.
  • New design matching the standard seat sew package.
  • Heavy duty tubular van furniture frame construction.
  • Standard width 52″. Custom widths available.
  • 3 Seat Belts Included.
  • All materials meet or exceed FMVSS #302 safety standards for van seats.