Comfort, Durability, and Quality of Discount Van Truck – Standard Cab TRUCK 40-20-40 Seats

Whenever you are in the vehicle you need to sit comfortably and be well restrained for safety purposes. When you are safe together with your family, you get peace of mind knowing that you have every measure in place to protect those you love. However, this does not come without some investment in good seats. That is why we have, for over five decades provided standard cab seats for your vehicle. We make it all from the frame, foam, and coverings. The seats utilize the best materials that comply with the safety standards and are made with the utmost expertise. If you are still in doubt, look at Discount Van Truck Suv Rv Reviews account on We Heart It. Our previous customers are appreciating the quality of our product there.

comfort, durability, and quality of discount van truck - standard cab truck 40-20-40 seats

Our inventory is wide. Whether you are looking for leather or fabric seats, black or white, high back or low back, basic seats or those with frills, old design or modern design, we have it all for you. If you choose to go with the standard seat sizes or want us to tailor-make the seats for you, we have the capacity and manpower to do it. By the end of the day, you will enjoy the value they bring to your vehicle. Just like in the case of Discount Van-Truck – The Best Price and Quality RV Sofa Beds, you will get value from interacting with us and buy our products. From the common door pulls to the vehicle bodies, you can choose whatever you want.

We will offer you colors and materials to choose from. The best part is that no matter the material in play, you will still get top quality from our construction and services. We promise that our prices are fair and you will, in fact, save some dollar by purchasing through us. Reach out to us today and get the best results.


Discount Van Truck Suv Rv – Sprinter Bench Seat For Long Service

Discount Van Truck has been around from 1967, and through the years have served thousands of customers. One thing that reigns supreme is the fact that we provide quality. Meaning that our products are original, come from reliable vendors, are made from materials that meet the required standards, and serves for many years without destruction. Discount Van Truck Suv Rv – Sprinter Bench Seat is one such item that you can be sure will offer you the desired service for a long time. It is not just comfortable but also very strong and easy to install. Find out what customers have to say about this seat on Discount Van Truck Suv Rv Reviews on Trustlink.

Discount Van Truck Suv Rv - Sprinter Bench Seat

The bespoke-built Sprinter Bench Seat is made according to order and the needs you ask us. However, this affects the measurements in most cases because we make sure that every seat that passes through us has the desired comfort levels, and is built with the best materials possible. For comfort purposes, we use foam suspensions and springs so that the seat remains comfortable even when you are using your vehicle on rough terrains. In addition, we utilize high-density foam content to enhance the coziness of the seat. Reach out to us through the Discount Van Truck Suv Rv Account on WordPress to learn further about the vehicle seats you might need.

The framework of these seats comes from tubular heavy duty frame construction to ensure that it services for years. As mentioned before, we only use materials that meet or surpass the standards of safety. Because of our great workmanship, we give you a three-year warranty so that you return them if they do not function as we promised. Contact us today and get the best deals for these seats.

Get High-Quality Sprinter Bench Seat From Discount Van Truck

Discount Van Truck provides any kind of vehicles seats, and the sprinter bench seat is one of them. This seat is one of a kind because every client will get a custom-made seat with the fixed legs. This seat comes with comfort without compromising on the quality of the product. This seat comes with a standard measurement of 52 inches in width but it can be adjusted to meet the requirement of the customer. Look at our Discount Van Truck Suv Rv reviews on various platforms to benefit from the information our clients give about the quality of the seat and installations.

With the quality material we use to make our seat, we confirm that the Sprinter bench seat is heavy duty and can accommodate most body sizes without a struggle. The tubular steel frames make the skeleton to be strong and capable of taking a lot of abuse. This seat also incorporates a foam and spring suspension to ensure the user gets top-class comfort. The fabric utilized in covering the cushions is sleek and tough in the same breath. They are stain resistant and long lasting. Look at its picture on Discount Van Truck account on Instagram to enjoy the property.

Depending on the size of the seat, you can install two or three seat belts meaning that three people can seat it without hassle. The seat comes in materials that exceed the standards required to be safe. When you buy this seats you get a full year of a warrant.

Discount Van Truck has a wide selection of seats for your van, RV, sprinter, and any other track accessories. The inventory is wide. The good thing is that these seats come to you at an affordable price. You also get to use the color you want it and the fabric material. Get yours today.


Top Quality Fiberglass Truck Bumper Cover

When you are in search of a truck bumper cover, the qualities you are looking for are lightweight, durability, and good looks. You get all this from fiberglass bumper cover. With it, you have a bumper that will not only make your vehicle look unique but also last longer because of the durable fiberglass material used in its construction. Follow us on Discount Van Truck official account on Issuu to find out the array of selection we have for all sorts of vehicles.

Great Curves and Beauty

Our Discount Van Truck official account on Pinterest has plenty of information and images concerning truck bumper covers and some of it is shared in this blog. To experience the ultimate benefit of our bumper covers, drive your vehicle in or out of town. You will notice everyone turning their head to view the curves of your vehicle and some inquiring where you got them while others will be appreciating your efforts.

Most importantly, these bumpers will protect your vehicle from corrosion from chemicals and weather changes. Because of the material used to construct it and the technology of its manufacture, it is extremely easy to install and very durable. Be sure of protection of your bumpers because the products bend instead of breaking and would rather flex than crack. With Fiberglass truck bumper cover you have years of service and unbeatable vehicle appeal.

We have several bumper covers with various curvings and to fit the lighting systems of different vehicles without forcing a fit. And as usual, the vehicles our products come at affordable costs for you to spread your budget for the improvement of the entire vehicle. Have you purchased any bumper? Speak to us and let us know what your experience is like. Contact us for more vehicle items.


Rv sofas have never been this comfortable. The Monterey II Rv sofa bed comes in leather presenting a seat that is very sleek for the interior of the vehicle. It is the joy of Discount Van Truck to present this dazzling sofa that comes with a premium design and better in comparison with industry competition. You can get it in varied materials meaning that there are fabric options as well. We avail most of our products tailor-made for different audiences and this seat is not an exception. Even with the material makes, you can still clean them using water and soap. Follow Discount Van Truck official account on Twitter to enjoy the finest of our Rv seats including this one.

Our bespoke Monterey II Rv sofa bed are only made at your order. Depending on the size of your Rv, we measure and construct what suits you while we also incorporate the kinds of material you wish and a design that you cherish. This sofa is convertible and it turns into a comfortable bed you can lay to take a rest or even during the night. You will not need to carry additional mattresses as you go to vacations away from home. Besides, it is made of high density foam. Discount Van Truck Reviews Manufacture The best RV Sofa Sleepers with high quality materials for lasting solutions. The materials employed in making our products always meet or exceed the industry standard requirements.

Its durability begins from the frame which is tubular and yet really strong. It also includes a cushioning system that adds up into a comfortable seat and bed. It is known as a wall hugger because of its unique style that allows installation 1.5 inches away from the wall. In addition, its arms can be removed to fit into the small vehicles.

Anza II RV Sofa Bed From Discount Van Truck

We do not just sell – Best van tops. We also provide you with the best sofas beds in the market. A good example is the Anza RV furniture that comes in leather that is sleek as calfskin. The sofas are top quality and offers comfort to the user. You will be grateful you bought it. Even with the soft leather material, the sofa is easy to clean by use of water and mild soap. It is one of the best offering in the line of our RV seats.

Anza II RV Sofa Bed From Discount Van Truck

Discount Van Truck – The Best Price and Quality RV Sofa Beds on Vimeo clearly shows how reasonable our costs are. This sofa comes with a myriad of features that make it unique.

First, the Anza RV sofa bed can convert into a flat comfortable bed just like the other RV sofas in our inventory. So, be sure to take a nap or have a rest anytime it fits you. The design is such that you can install it 1.5 inches away from the wall – also known as a ‘wall hugger’. The interior of the seat employs foam that is highly dense for the sake of comfort.

Anza RV sofa bed weighs 135 lbs and has standard measurements of 68, 72, 74 and 78 inches. We do not stop at that because we customize these measurements depending on your needs. All you need to do is make an order and every detail is presented accordingly. Unlike other sellers who are not concerned about the quality of material used in making their items, we are keen on this matter.

All the materials we use on our RV seats meet the standards of safety or even better exceed them. The frame construction is tubular and capable of handling heavy people. Also, all the Anza RV sofa beds have no-sag springs on the interior and therefore expect long lasting comfort.